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About us

After 20 years of professional R&D experience on headset ,company launched professional gaming headset---SADES.

SADES is outstanding in the circle of game peripherals, and in the industry-leading level no matter in terms of multi-channel, vibration, sound R&D or product modeling field .With new generation of HD gaming audio globalization and E-sports games blowout, SADES headsets stand out rapidly in various countries.

Currently SADES has about 400 million worldwide users, 30% are professional players such as OMG clan of LOL, world champion Th000 of Warcraft III .Whatever CS, LOL, CF or Dota, SADES can help players get competitive advantage, and bring the enjoyment of hearing. With superior product technology and powerful brand rallying point, SADES is not only the preferred equipment of countless gamers, but also become the preferred game peripherals partner of WCG, ESWC, ONG and other international E-sports competition.

In 2014, SADES launched mouse and keyboard series ,multi-angle locking the users, and the product types were released including mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard and laser mouse. In the Future, SADES will continue to adhere to the R&D concept which uses players as its center, to provide more better gaming equipment for worldwide users.